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11 November 2009

Lego nomenclature

Found this on Adam's blog, and I think it needs comment. Because how can you read an article about the names for Lego bricks, and not contribute your own? I'm leaving Barney's names in the chart, since I found some of them strikingly similar to Blockburger Lego names.

Clark, feel free to correct me on this if I misuse any names.

Common Nomenclature for Lego Families

Lego Piece
Angle Plate 2x2
A bent four-erbent flatsie foursie
Round Plate 1x1
Round flat one-erround onesie; coin
Plate 1x1 W. Up Right Holder
A flat clippy pieceflatsie clip
Plate 1x2 W. 1 Knob
A two-er with only one bobbleone-knob twosie flatsie
Plate 1x1 W. Holder
A flat clippy bitside clip flatsie
Brick 1x1
A rectangular one-eronesie
Plate 1x1
Flat square one-erflat onesie
Round Brick 1x1
Cylinder one-erround onesie
Connector Peg W. Knob
A joining bitshort flagpole type thingy (I don't think we ever really discussed this one)
Turn Plate 2x2, Lower Part
Spinny bitSpinny bit
Flat Tile 1x1
Flat one-er with no bobbleblank flatsie onesie
Lamp Holder
Flat clippy pieceside onesie
Radiator Grille 1x2
Groovy bitGrill bit
T-shaped joiney thingI didn't have any of these in my Lego set. But I'd call it a t-bar.
Light Sword Shaft
Light saber handleI wish I had these in my Lego set.
Turn Plate 2x2, Upper Part
The piece that goes on top of the spinny piece to make it spinspinny top
Roof Tile 2x2 Inv
An upper pieceupside down slanty foursie
Brick 1x2 M 2 Holes
Two-er hole-y bitskinny twosie with holes
Diamond With Stick
Lego crystalooh, that's a fancy one
Brick 2x2
Roof Tile 1x2x3
Upper piecetall slanty
Brick 1x3
Three-erskinny threesie
Light Sword Blade
Light saber bladelight saber
Bearing Element 2x2, Double
A piece you clip wheels onflat wheel base
Right Plate 3x8 W. Angle
Wing pieceplane bit
Dragon’s Fire
Fire pieceFire
Plate 2x2 Angle
L-shapebent flatsie foursie
Brick 2x3
Rudder 2x3x2
Wing pieceairplane tail
Roof Tile 2X2 45° No. 2
Control setcomputer
Brick 1x1 W. 4 Knobs
An attach-any-side piecefire hydrant onesie
Angular Brick 1x1
A piece that you can clip something on the sideheadlight onesie; onesie with a hole


  1. I think this is the first time our naming convention has ever been written down?

    You've got 2 bent flatsie foursies. I'm not saying you're wrong, because that really is what we would have called them, but it shows some of the weaknesses of our naming system.

    Seeing it in print really made me realize our over use of the "sie" ending.

  2. We're also not wonderfully consistent when calling things twosies or foursies. But then again, we were about six when we named everything.